Sept. 13-14, 2014

Pet expert Arden Moore knows dogs. She knows parties. And she knows how to party with a purpose! That's why she created National Dog Party Day™. In 2013, the event raised more than $20,000 for four great pet charities in Orlando, Austin, San Diego and Dewey Beach, DE.

Starting in 2014, our goal is to expand to conduct celebrations -- big and small – all across North America to benefit worthy pet adoption groups and celebrate that grrr-eat people-pet bond. At official National Dog Party Day™ celebrations, we sneak in good doggy manners in a fun setting, bolster the friendship bond between people and their dogs, and benefit a hard-working pet charity in your community.
Like to paw-tee? Join us! The time is NOW for all of you who adore cool canines to be part of the 2014 National Dog Party Day™ celebration!

For $99, you can become an official National Dog Party Day™ site host! We provide you with the mutts-have ingredients for a successful paw-ty!: Official National Dog Party Day™ games, theme song, press release templates, NDPD downloadable logo and banner art files and posting of your party on this site! All money you raise goes to the charity of your choice!

And, you pick the date of celebration: Saturday, Sept. 13 OR Sunday, Sept 14.

Here is your chance to team up with nationally renowned pet expert Arden Moore. Contact us today for details!

We salute the 2013 party hosts and their charities:

Austin –Brian Regan of Walk Your Dog Austin for Austin Pets Alive. Location:Mana Culture
Dewey Beach, DE – Ali Kochi and Faithful Friends at the Starboard Restaurant.
Orlando – Joan Alexander of Dog House Parties and Dogs 4 Disabled Veterans. Location: Maitland Civic Center.
San DiegoFour Legged Life and Second Chance Dog Rescue.Location: Camp-Run-a-Mutt/Point Loma.

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Now, call your dog over and put on the dance music – it’s time to party like a pup!

Dog Parties by Arden Moore

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Here’s footage from the national TV show, “Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart” that spotlights plenty of happy dogs at a dog party hosted by Arden Moore.

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