How to deal with crying dog?

First sit the dogs next to you ,then pet them with love , make them feel good with your behavior , feed them a full stomach ,take care of them and keep them with you lovingly .Find out why your dog is crying .Keep him away from things and environment that make your dog cry .Be friendly with you be aware of your dogs likes and dislikes to him from crying

  • If you have a new dog ,never it alone at night ,this maybe the reason why this dog is crying so much .
  • The main reason for crying of the dog maybe hunger .It maybe that he has not eaten his full stomach ,so consider feeding his full stomach .
  • Help him to behave well and socialize with you . Dog likes to have an clean and calm environment, so keep him in a friendly environment.
  • Never take your dog to an environment where there are dogs he doesnt like.Be happy and mingle with you.
  • It is aslo important to make sure that he has do not eaten any thing that is causing him pain , that he is not allergic to it that there is nothing in it that causing him any harm .
  • Take care of all these things to stop your dog from crying and be with your dog .