How to help hungry puppies ?

Why puppies are hungry ?

As we see in today’s era , thousands off people are walking around street hungry ,either due to unemployment or due to disease , so many animals are also dying of hunger . Among puppies are also include some  puppies or as we see how many hotels and restaurants waste so much food which is not good at all where people and animal are dying of hunger.

If we want not animal to die of hunger so then we should to make the first effort our selves so that people also change there thinking and feed innocent hungry animals instead of wasting food .

Reasons for pet  puppies to starve.

It often happens that some people have animals in their house, but they do not care about their presence .How are there animals hungry? If we are fond of raising animals ,it is important to take care that they naver go hungry under our protection

At least those who have pets at home should be take care of their food so that they don’t suffer from hunger while you are there , otherwise it is a  sham that those puppies you have bought with so much love and passion don’t strave your take care of the food of these animals.