How to help puppies on street

In Today’s environment ,we see that where everyone is busy in their work ,if we think about it we see innocent injured , hungry abandoned dogs and their children in different countries , cities  and streets . They are going through alot of pain .Just as the life of a human being is important the life of an animal is also very important .

We should understand these puppies pain  and take care of them They Don’t think of their self alone , sit next to them , try  to understand their language . Especially in winter , if you can  take care of the puppies then they should stay in your   house , so that they are protected from winter cold or diseases. We are showing humanity by treat them like a human .

We should protect them in our house by realizing them so that they are not hungry and sick.

Whenever we go out some where or see a hungry or small puppy on the street , we try to help him by giving food and water  if you are interested in raising puppies ,from the street so that you can find a pet of your choice and give these puppies a save and friendly home . So help the street dogs as much as you can they a also a part of our life and prove to be a good human being .