Ways To Help Your Puppy Crying In Rain And Storm

Can the puppy predict thunderstorms more precisely than the Weather Channel? Do they pace, whine, or pant hours before the first cloud rolls in? Have they ever scratched or chewed the windows or doors in an effort to get inside the home (or vice versa) throughout a storm?

Do they hide and tremble at the first raindrop? If so, they might be showing the symptoms of storm anxiety.

Why Your Puppy Crying In Rain And Storm: (Root Of The Issue)

For a few puppies, the sound of thunder, as well as gunshots or fireworks, might be what is upsetting. For others, it is the complete package: the lightning, the thunder, the static electricity, the change in barometric pressure, even the scent of rain. And still, other puppies have generalized everyday anxiety that is made worse by storms.

It is significant to work with the vet to determine whether the puppy is suffering from separation anxiety, storm anxiety, noise anxiety, or a combo of stresses, so you can locate the correct treatment to assist the pet. If the puppy’s anxiety is really extreme that they’re destroying property or, worse, hurting themselves, the vet might suggest medications to assist.

Tips For Calm The Puppy During A Storm:

If you have a puppy with storm phobia, a thunderstorm is the worst nightmare. The puppy paces, pants, whines, and might even become unhelpful throughout the storm.

Your Puppy Crying In Rain And Storm
Your Puppy Crying In Rain And Storm

You are anxious about the physical harm and psychological damage they can cause themselves throughout this highly-stressful event.

So, how do you really handle puppy anxiety and fear related to storms? Here’re some tips to calm the puppy throughout a storm:

  • Be Home With The Puppy:

For a puppy that already fears storms, being alone will just worsen everything. If bad weather is in the forecast, try being home or have somebody stay with the puppy throughout the storm.

  • Create Calmness:

Give the puppy the attention and comfort she requires for calming her anxiety. A nervous dog is not capable of learning because of being overly emotional and stimulated, which denotes comforting isn’t rewarding the fear. Try a calming massage to assist the puppy in relaxing throughout the storm.

  • Offer Distractions:

If a puppy is ignored or punished throughout a frightening event, it is likely to worsen the anxiety. Instead, provide a positive stimulus, like gentle petting, for distracting and calming the dog. If the puppy still engages, try a game of indoor tug, fetch, or provide a high-value chew.

  • Provide A Safe Place:

Place the puppy’s bed and/or crate in the most sound-proof room of the house. A crate is a psychological and natural defense for puppies and can have a great influence on their comfort level. It is also useful to close the blinds for sheltering the puppy from the visual stimulation of a thunderstorm.

  • Pull The Shades:

The lightning flash can be disturbing for a few dogs, so closing the drapes and shades can assist in shutting out distractions and maybe muffling some noise.

  • Compete With Noise:

When a totally sound-proof room does not exist, compete with the noise by using a white noise machine or radio. Dog-calming music can be useful for the highly nervous puppy for muffling the sound of a thunderstorm.

  • Calming Remedies:

For mild to severe cases of storm anxiety, natural therapies can be very helpful. A thunder jacket actually replicates swaddling and might soothe the puppy into a calmer condition. Bach flower extracts, dog pheromones, and diffusing lavender oil can promote relaxation.

  • Practice Desensitization:

Also, try to desensitize the puppy to the sound of thunderstorms by using a storm sound CD. Begin by playing the CD at an extremely low volume while providing the puppy a lot of positive interaction and high-value treats. By slowly raising the volume over numerous weeks, desensitization will lessen or totally get rid of anxiety throughout storms.

  • Visit The Veterinarian:

For the highly-anxious puppy who does not respond to the above ways, a visit to the vet for discussing medication might be the solution. However, medication ought to be the final resort when desensitization efforts do not work.

While thunderstorms and rain can cause puppies to wreak havoc on the house and themselves, there are numerous pet relaxation methods you can utilize to lessen their anxiety and increase their level of comfort.

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